Sherwood Garden Apartments – Exterior Improvements

We’re excited to share that Pacific Construction Services has completed a one building exterior mockup at the Sherwood Garden Apartments, located near the Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, WA.

Pacific Construction Services scope of work was to replace the siding, roof, doors and windows, paint the exterior of the building and replace the old wooden staircases with new, modern metal staircases at one building so that the building owner can review and make any modifications ahead of completing the other 11 buildings in the apartment complex.

We worked with the building owner to design and specify all of the products used in the project including the roofing materials, siding, doors and windows to help the owner complete the project within their desired budget and timeframe. This is particularly challenging in the construction environment in 2022 with many products having long lead times, but Pacific Construction Services was able to pull this off without any significant delay or long lead-time items.

Before Photos

Mid Installation Photos

After Photos

Pacific Ironworks, a sister company to Pacific Construction Services, designed, fabricated and installed the metal staircases at Sherwood Garden Apartments (pictured below).

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