Live Camera Monitoring in Seattle
by Deep Sentinel

Pacific Facilities is an authorized partner of Deep Sentinel, the World’s leader in professionally monitored security cameras.

Cutting Edge Technology Protecting Your Property 24/7

Pacific’s full-service team of experts have developed excellent subcontractor, supplier, and vendor relationships throughout the Northwest.  Why is this important? In today’s challenging environment of material shortages, price escalations, and uncertainties, Pacific’s deep industry relationships are the cornerstone of sourcing hard to find materials, forecasting and maintaining budgets, and consistently delivering ground-up projects safely and efficiently.

Proactive Monitoring of your Security Cameras to Prevent Crime Before it Happens

Live Security Guards Behind Every Camera

Traditional security cameras record criminal behavior to be reviewed after the crime has occurred, from property damage to theft, property owners are frustrated to learn that their investment in security cameras doesn’t do anything to stop crime.

Until now!

Deep Sentinel Security Cameras are monitored by Live Guards who immediately respond to criminal behavior through 2-way audio communication with the suspected criminal.  

Once the suspect realizes he’s being watched, it’s much easier to move onto another target.  And if the suspect declines to leave, Deep Sentinel Live Guards immediately call police who are more likely to respond because there’s a live criminal activity which they can respond to and arrest the subject.

Project your property today with the only camera system that’s monitored by Artificial Intelligence and Live Guards to stop property crime!

How Deep Sentinel Works


Security Cameras Detect

The security cameras monitoring your property stream instantly to local AI that detects potential threats in seconds—the fastest detection solution of all security camera monitoring services.


Live Security Guards Engage

Through security camera monitoring, guards watch every time a person steps foot on your property. If necessary, the guards intervene directly using the camera’s 2 way audio or built-in siren.


Instant Response

Remote security guards engage with suspects and contact law enforcement within seconds. Deep Sentinel boasts the fastest response of any security system that calls police—with no false alarms.

Cutting-Edge Live Security Camera Monitoring With Deep Sentinel

Deep Sentinel security cameras are available for installation today.  Call (425) 333-1434 to learn more about protecting your property today.

Customers We Serve: Your Trusted Partner Across Industries

Hospitality: Hotels, resorts, and conference centers

Multi-Family Apartment Buildings: Condominiums, townhouses, and apartment complexes

Commercial / Office Buildings: Corporate campuses, co-working spaces, and business parks

Retail and Food Service: Shopping malls, standalone stores, restaurants, and cafes

Industrial and Manufacturing: Factories, warehouses, and distribution centers

Education and Government: Schools, universities, municipal buildings, and government offices

Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals, clinics, and specialized medical centers

Cultural Institutions: Museums, galleries, and theaters

Transportation Hubs: Airports, train stations, and bus terminals

Recreational Facilities: Sports arenas, gyms, and community centers

Religious Institutions: Churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples

Non-Profit Organizations: Charities, foundations, and community service centers

The principals of Pacific Facilities own and operate commercial real estate, which gives us insight into what it takes to be a successful partner to property owners.