Pacific Facilities: Helping the Squaxin Island Tribe Repair Their Community Pool

The Squaxin Island Tribe is a Native American tribe located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, with their ancestral lands encompassing the southern part of Puget Sound, Washington. The tribe has a rich history and culture that dates back thousands of years, and they have been a vital part of the local community for generations. One of their most important gathering places is the Squaxin Tribal Center, a community center that hosts a variety of events and activities for members of the tribe.

Recently, Pacific Facilities had the privilege of helping the Squaxin Island Tribe repair their community pool, which is a vital part of the Squaxin Tribal Center. Over time, the pool had developed cracks and areas of caving, making it unsafe for members of the community to use. Pacific Facilities was able to assess the damage and provide the necessary repairs to restore the pool to a safe and usable condition.

The first step in the repair process was to patch the cracks in the pool, which were causing water to leak out and further damage the structure. Pacific Facilities used specialized materials and techniques to ensure that the repairs would be long-lasting and effective. Once the cracks were repaired, they turned their attention to the areas of the pool that were caving. This involved carefully removing the damaged portions of the pool and rebuilding them to match the original structure.

Finally, Pacific Facilities applied a fresh coat of epoxy to the pool, restoring its like-new appearance and making it a welcoming and safe place for members of the community to enjoy for years to come. The Squaxin Island Tribe was thrilled with the results, and they were grateful to Pacific Facilities for their expertise and professionalism throughout the repair process.

At Pacific Facilities, we take great pride in helping building owners maintain and repair their buildings, no matter how big or small the project may be. We understand the importance of community gathering places like the Squaxin Tribal Center, and we are committed to providing the highest quality repairs and maintenance services to ensure that these buildings can continue to serve their communities for generations to come.